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  • Luisa Scherer

How the cleaning and sanitizing of cell phones prevent the contamination of viruses and diseases

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Did you know that a cell phone screen can contains 30 times as many microorganisms as a clean toilet? That is why it is important to always disinfect and sanitize your cell phone. In times of coronavirus, the need for cleaning the cell phone and tablet screen only grows. 

We take our phones everywhere. We leave them in our pockets, on counters, on tables. We use them on the bus, on the subway, and often even in the bathroom. The amount of germs accumulated on the cell phone is huge and it is important to sanitize it, even more so if children also use it.


Damp a cotton ball (without soaking it) with isopropyl alcohol and wipe the entire phone with it. Isopropyl alcohol doesn’t damage the phone and kills the microorganisms, cleaning the phone.

How frequently the phone should be sanitized depends on the way each person uses it. If the phone is used in places with greater amount of germs and then during meals, it is recommended to clean it at least twice a day. If the person doesn’t usually use the phone in places with higher incidence of germs and bacteria and doesn’t take the phone to the dining table, then it is necessary to sanitize the phone only once a day.

Don’t forget to clean and sanitize the cell phone case! It also collects a lot of dirt, mainly the rubber ones. That applies to cell phones and tablets.

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