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  • Luisa Scherer

Why is reading so important?

Updated: Jun 19, 2023

Reading is a form of communication and the literacy rate is one of the world’s development indicators. But when it comes to children’s health and development, why is it so important?

Reading is a uniquely human trait, and there is an area of the brain designated for the development of this skill.

It stimulates the growth of the brain’s white matter — a set of nerve fibers that helps the brain to learn and function in general. Reading not only increases white matter, but also allows information to be processed more effectively.

There are broadly three kinds of intelligence: the crystallized, the fluid and the emotional.

  1. Crystallized intelligence is the blend of wisdom that shapes our brain. It’s the potentially useful pieces of information and knowledge that collaboratively form the foundation of our ability to navigate and prosper in the world.

  2. Fluid intelligence is the ability to solve problems, comprehend concepts and identify patterns.

  3. Emotional intelligence is the ability to read and respond to feelings, either yours or other people’s.

Reading develops and sharpens these three types of intelligence.

There are even more benefits to reading if we add other languages into the mix. Apart from developing communication skills, reading in another language increases the regions of the brain involved in spatial navigation and the process of learning. 

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